Myofascial release

The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds every cell, muscle, bone, organ in the body. It allows all the tissues to slide over each other, and keeps everything in its place so organs don't drop to the animals' feet! It also is responsible for proprioception (spatial awareness) and locks down to protect any area sustaining trauma. This is where MFR comes in as often the fascia doesn't release again after a trauma- creating, at times, severe stiffness and lack of mobility. By enabling the fascia to release again the muscles and tendons are then enabled to regain normal movement, and horses seem to be able to return to full mobility within a relatively short space of time (depending, of course, on the severity of the injury) MFR can enable any injury to heal faster and more completely, of course never replacing veterinary work, but is another extremely useful tool to have in our Sport Horse Rehabilitation box!